3M™ CSD 200i Single-digit Optical Scanner


Technical Data Sheet

Product Description

3M™ CSD200i is a single-digit optical fingerprint s

canner that is housed in a durable

compact casing. The advanced optical system enhanc

es ambient light rejection and

liveness/fake fingerprint detection.

Powered by USB 2.0, the connection allows for easy

integration with new or existing

applications while eliminating excess cables and the

need for an image capture

board. The durable, lightweight, and ergonomic des

ign allows the CSD200i to be

portable without compromising image quality. FBI P

IV-071006 Certified, it is ideal

for network biometric authentication, authenticatin

g biometric travel documents,

and identity verification.


500ppi resolution

USB 2.0 interface

Captures high-quality flat fingerprint images

Ambient light rejection

Large active platen area

10 frames/second image capture

Fully featured with auto capture, adjustable bright


contract, and gain functions

FBI PIV-071006

Mobile ID FAP20